Friday, 24 April 2020


Is it just me who's struggling with mad intense anxiety and fear some days?
Just thought I'd ask? 
The pictures I see may look pretty online, but is anyone else actually quite nervous and, dare I say it... scared?

Again, just thought I'd ask. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being over cautious or letting the uncertainty of these times get to me more than other people.
I wonder if I am deserving of the stares I get when I'm wearing my mask and gloves to the shop?
I wonder if I'm the only one, spraying anything that comes through the front door with Dettol, including the mail, then using gloves to isolate it in a separate room for a minimum of 24 hrs; or if I'm the only one washing my hands in disposable gloves before I remove and dispose of them and then washing my own hands straight after? Am I the only one who's completely content to not step outside the front door at all for a solid two weeks, and possibly longer, so long as we have enough food at home?
Am I a little bit paranoid, or are other people moving with the same level of caution? 
My recent dip onto social media is what triggered this post.
I'm actually really pleased to see the majority of people on my TLs and news feeds doing fine and looking breezy, trust me!
We need all the happy, healthy, positive vibes we can get.
However, as always, social media triggers self-reflection, and it got me wondering:
"Am I the only one who gets freaked out by the threat of corona?"  
I just wondered if anyone else is generally fine, but sometimes finds themselves feeling overwhelmed by the situation at the moment?
I guess the point of this post is just to remind people that if you are struggling, whether it's a lot a just a little bit, you're not alone.
I don't know if the below might help anyone, but just in case it can, I've shared a few things that I'm finding helpful through this time:   
Routine/ Goals - Helps to give me a small sense of stability or control 
Exercise - Helps change my emotional state by changing my focus, and physical state, and improves my breathing 
Media Restrictions - Limiting (borderline banning) the news has massively helped reduce the anxieties. It stops the mind from creating a negative snowball of fear and panic based on worst case scenarios, and hopeless 'what ifs'.
Faith - A few years ago I got baptised at Hillsong  Church (Bermondsey) but 2 of my other favourite churches that post on Youtube are:  
 Alfred Street Baptist Church and Elevation Church  
The services are always interesting whether you're a christian or not. They're relatable and help keep me encouraged, and with these 2 pastors you can even get a bit of humour in some of their sermons. 

I hope maybe something in this post helps those who need it. 
I'm not a medical professional, but I do think that one of the side-effects of the pandemic is the impact on a lot of people's mental health, so if you do need help, please don't be afraid to let it be known!
I found out about a sight called Better Help via Fifi Buchanan's WONDERFULLY MADE  podcast (check it out, super calming yet motivating).  Better Help offers professional counselling online. I haven't used it myself yet, but it's now in the memory bank in case I find myself needing additional help.
(side-note - pretty sure there's a discount code on Fifi's podcast.) 

Who'd have thought that this crazy situation we're going through would have encouraged me back into the bloggersphere? I never intended this to be a long post, so I'll end it here, but if you want a bit more detail about how I'm doing the above and how it's working out for me, I'll be posting a part II with a bit more info on all four. 
Please do your best to stay safe, and hold on to hope.
Lots of love x

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