Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What's Your Stance On Wigs?

Dear Reader, 
What's your stance on wigs?

Would you wear one? What's your opinion of them?

Growing up I always thought of weaves as acceptable but wigs were somehow not. They were something my nan wore to church, and me and my cousins dressed up in and mocked on the sly. When I was growing up, I considered them to be a bit of a joke and always swore I'd never wear one. 

So What's Changed?
By the time I went natural (nearly 5 years ago) wigs had gained acceptability. However as I committed myself to learning and loving my own hair, I ruled out both wigs and weaves. The only time I ever wore a wig was for fancy dress....

....That was until last week.

In The Unlikely Event of an Emergency
It was one of those days. I wasn't staying at home, so my resources were limited - no head-scarves or decent hats to hand. I had a nasty cold and was feeling like crap so I had no intention of leaving the house. Because of this I had merrily soaked my hair in oil and conditioner with no intention of rinsing until the evening or following day. 
Unfortunately it wasn't until about 3pm that I remembered my rent was due, and without online banking, that means a trip to the bank. On top of my rent being due, there was no food in the house, bringing me to the unhappy conclusion that I was gona have to leave the house. As I mentioned, I had zero intentions of rinsing my hair which was covered by a plastic bag and a pair of tights; so my only other option was to look for coverage. 
The only thing available - the wigs I'd borrowed from +Queen Teshna for a fancy dress party. 

At first I'd kinda suggested it to myself as a joke, but it quickly became apparent that it was probably my best option if I wanted to be up and out before the bank closed. (I don't think my landlord would be too cool with the "I was gona pay my rent but I had to rinse my hair"excuse.)
It Could Take Some Getting Used To
My biggest fear, when it comes to wigs or weaves, has always been the fear of them looking like exactly what they are, i.e looking like a wig or weave, i.e looking really obviously unnatural and fake.
(My second biggest fear is the fake hair falling off/out - I can't deal! My heart!) 
Anyway, surprisingly enough, how it looked wasn't an issue for me on this day (although I think the little bowler hat helped it look more "natural"). What was more of an issue for me was the general knowledge that it wasn't mine. I didn't quite feel like me. 

Let's Be Honest 
I didn't feel like I was in fancy dress, but I did feel a bit like I was in disguise. As this was one of those days where, as I said, I felt rough as heck, I really weren't trying to see anyone, so I was kinda cool with the "in disguise" feeling. In fact I'd be lying if I said part of me didn't enjoy it and want to try it again, but with texture closer to my own.

Can The Critics Take A Minute?
I know there are are probably some hardcore naturals who would completely condemn the wearing of wigs, but from the many debates I've been to on the subject of hair, I found that those who were advocates of wigs had 2 main points that challenged my old school way of thinking, and made me look at wigs with a much more open mind. 
Firstly, the issue of health. Who's to say that the person you're judging for wearing a wig, isn't wearing it due to health issues? Alopecia, Thyroids, even cancer. 
(Sidenote: At the school where I work, we had a special assembly where 6 young girls (all primary school aged) cut their hair off to have it donated to make wigs for children who have cancer. It was so incredible couldn't help but cry.)
Secondly, although I'm not a wig-wearer and I'm a major promoter of natural hair, I do have to acknowledge the fact that the wearing of fake hair has played a huge part in providing a lot of black women throughout generations, with financial independence. 
Just a couple of things to think about, before completely condemning wigs.

In Conclusion
Having worn a wig, I can see why a lot of women, natural or not, enjoy wearing them. It is fun and entirely our own perogative to play around with our appearance. 
Personally, I'm continually working on feeling good in the skin I'm in, which is why although I might rock a wig again, I wouldn't want it to become a regular thing, because I don't want to go back to being dependant on any type of "disguise". That goes for everything from hair or make-up, to padded bras. My appearance is mine to play with and make the most of, but I know my "best days" are the ones where I feel happy with just being me.
What's your opinion?

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