Sunday, 12 June 2016

Current Faves For June 2016

I wanted to do a blog post on these few products that I've been using a lot recently, partly because their making me especially happy at the moment, but largely because there's not enough space on IG to really tell you how good they are. 

I've spoken about this product before >here< and >here< but simply put, this is my miracle product. 
My scalp tends to go crazy and flake in huge chunks (seborrheic dermatitis - not dandruff) at least twice a year, and this is the only product I've found that can fix it. I apply this oil about twice/week for a fortnight, and my scalp returns to normal.
I'm even happier now that it's available in shops and in a smaller bottle for £4.99.

2. SLEEK HIGH SHINE LIPGLOSS - Honeycomb (03) 
This is probably my favourite purchase of the year so far. I love it!
I've been searching for a while to find a lipgloss that would make my lips look like rich, edible chocolate. Finding the right shade to create that minimal/neutral but subtly "all-kinds-of-sexy" look, was surprisingly difficult.
Most colours I chose were either too pale or too dark, but the High Shine in Honeycomb, is perfect. So perfect that I went back to Brixton to buy 2 more tubes (£2.99)
It's glossy without being glittery, and the colouring is very natural, so my lips look as moisturised as they would with vaseline, but with a bit more life and fullness. This is supposed to be my "go to" for those "make-up free" days, but every time I put it on, my lips look so lush it inspires me to do the rest of my face.

3. PRIMARK SUPER MATTE - Deep Red (03)
I think I've finally figured out how to work red lips! 
I usually avoid red lipstick because I think it takes more effort and maintenance than any other shade but this one by Primark is great.
Not only is the price great at £2, but the colour is a rich, vibrant, shade of red (not too orangey/brown or pinkish). And the flat edge of the brush is perfect for precise application especially if, like me, you don't bother with lining the lips first. But what impressed me the most was just how long this colour lasted.
I only made one re-application after lunch, which wasn't 100% necessary. By the time I was getting ready for bed I was surprised to notice that the colour was definitely still on pretty strongly.

I was sent these products a (shamefully) long time ago, from Curl Clinic London
However, I held on to these samples because although I don't know much about the Qhemet Biologics brand, I have heard a lot of really great recommendations for it. Now I've finally got around to trying them, I can see why.
I used each of the creams, as a leave-in conditioner when twisting my hair, and I was majorly impressed at just how hydrated and healthy my hair looked when I'd finished.
I mainly used the Burdock Root Butter Cream and the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream, and although they're slightly different textures, I can't say I had a preference. The results of both were great - healthy juicy looking twists. I particularly liked these products because they weren't too heavy for my hair, despite being butter-based. So they smoothed on and absorbed surprisingly well, even on my dry hair.
As the products aren't actually stylers, I only did basic twists which I'd intended to take out after a day, but the results were so good I kept them in for almost 4 days instead.
If you decide to try any of the above, let me know how you get on.

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