Thursday, 30 June 2016


Sometimes the main highlight of my midweek is simply getting home!
I can easily spend the day dreaming of being back in my dressing gown and how happy it makes me. Hence, I decided to d this post, while wearing exactly that. 

My hair is in a lazy bun so I can show you my latest undercut. 

I decided to stop off in Anerley (South East London) for a few cheap midweek treats, starting with a £5 polish change on my nails.
I usually neglect my nails but every now and then, I find it fun to choose a colour and have them done. It's not quite a manicure (but depending on where you go it's pretty close), but for less than the price of a Zone 1 travelcard in London, it's a lovely little mood booster. 
For some reason I felt the need for sensual rouge - I love it!  
Then I headed up to Anerley Road to try out Classique Barbers
I'd never been there before, but I'll definitely go back. 
I love going to the Barbers, but you can feel quite self-conscious as a female when initially stepping into this particular male environment, but I tend to end up enjoying the energy and jokes from the men (especially in a Jamaican barbers). 

I must admit, the guys in Classique, weren't nearly as crude as some of the guys in other places I've been to (side-eye: Norwood Junction).
This evening, the men were discussing and cussing about everything from Brexit to England's depressingly predictable football failure in the Euros, to Donald Trump and Boris Johnson's hair.
"It look like 'im [Trump] jus tek one badger n fling it pon 'im 'ed suh!" (Jamaican accent)
"It looks like he [Trump] just took a badger and put it on his head, like so!" 
As you can imagine it was hilarious, and I only paid £5 for my cut. 
So after getting my hair cut and catching some jokes, I went home happy; and me and my pretty nails slipped into my favourite robe. 
Total: £10 well spent!
I hope your week is going well.

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