Sunday, 1 February 2015

BUDGET HAIR BLOGGING: 5 Favourite Ingredients

This post is for people like me, trying to make finances stretch over the January/Febraury period. 

I figured I'd share my most recent Budget Blogger hair mix with anyone who's also trying to limit their hair spending. These are my essential ingredients for mixing up my homemade deep conditioners.

Mayo vs Yoghurt 
My hair responds well to both of these and as I learned from @Naptural85,  Mayo tends leave my hair feeling slightly more moisturised than the yoghurt, while the yoghurt seems to leave my hair feeling slightly stronger than the mayo.
I usually choose one of these as a base, depending on what I think my hair needs most; then I follow up with a selecton from the following ingredients.
Olive Oil 
My hair doesnt really like olive oil. It doesnt seem to absorb very well for some reason (but thats just me). However, it does give my hair good slip, which is very important for reducing tangles and basically making the whole hair wash process A LOT easier.
I used to avoid honey as I found it quite a tricky one. To much and it just becomes a sticky problem. But I have found that with the right amount it seems to give a boost to the deep conditioner's moisturising ability. Apparently it's a natural humectant, which basically means it draws water towards it.
Coconut Milk
Aahhh my fave! 
My hair loves it. It seems to provide the perfect balance of stength and moisture to my hair. I think it's the combo of proteins & fatty acids that it contains.
This is my fave out of all 5 ingredients.
With that in mind, I recently mixed up all the above (minus the mayo, as I was more in need of a protein boost), with what I had left of my Shea Moisture DC. 
I tend to use this homemade method when I'm running low on, but not quite out of, my deep conditioners. You know when it's not enough to do the whole head but a bit too much to just throw away. I mix up what's left with some of my fave ingredients, so I have enough for at least one more session. 
This mix of Shea Moisture plus my faves, is what I used to give my hair a protein boost before I recently did that blowdry and trim.
You can find my other homemade hair mixes >here<.
What are your fave ingredients?

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