Thursday, 29 January 2015


Over the last few years I seem to have unintentionally developed a habit of blowdrying and trimming my hair in January. 
I guess if we're going with the "New Year, New Hair" mantra, then there couldn't be a better time to get rid of those rachet ends.
For me however, it's simply a case of being completely reckless with my hair during the holiday season, then realising the damage I've caused, and the fact that there's no real form of repair, and that I'd be doing more harm than good by trying to hold onto those rough ends, that makes me desparate to get rid.
I prefer to blowdry my har straight(ish) before trimming it because it allows me to see the damaged ends more clearly than when my hair is coily.

1 - Wash and treat hair
I do a protein treatment to strengthen their hair in prepartion for the heat later.
You can learn more about protein treatments >here<.
2 - Blowdry hair in sections
(I'm not great at blowdrying my hair so I strongly reccomend searching youtube for some good vids.) I use the comb attachment and a high heat but on low force. I also use my Blended Beauty Straightening Glaze as my heat protectant.
3 - Trim Off Rough Ends
It's vital to use sharp hair scizzors when trimming or cutting your hair, or you're liable to do more harm to the strands. (Check out this article from Black Girl Long Hair, for more info)  
4 - Put those freshly exposed ends away and try to treat them better from now on!

Not everyone agrees with trimming Afro hair, because it usually 'seems' to takes so damn long to grow; and if you take care of the ends you don't need to trim them. 
However I think it's fine to trim afro hair and just like any other hair type, it's healthier for it.
Plus, I'm not always great at taking care of my ends, so when they're become nothing but a bushy mess of ssk's and splits, then I know they've gota go. Otherwise they make the process of doing my hair 10 times longer, by causing extra tangles.
Plus, it's not like damaged hair can ever truly be repaired, so I prefer to get rid.
If you are length obsessed, the downside to this method is not realising how much you've taken off. When the hair is straighted it's easy to become a bit deluded about length and cut off more than you realise.
It's important to remember that once you've washed your hair and your coils come back you will have lost a lot of length. If thats something that worries you, then either take a little less off, or trim your hair in its natural state, so you can see your new length as you go.
Personally, I'm not really a fan of my hair in it's blowdried straightish state so I couldn't wait to wash it out and get my curls back.

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