Tuesday, 19 August 2014


A couple of weeks ago I did something that I haven't done in about 3 years.
I took a day off work to go on holiday abroad!!!!
Granted, I didn't go very far, but my 3 days in Paris with 12 of my girlfriends from work, was magnifique!

We left straight from work on Sunday evening; hopped on the Eurostar, and before I could believe it, we were in France. We only had one full day to go sight-seeing, vintage shopping and of course indulge in some food and wine before heading back to work on Tuesday afternoon.

I'm very much a city girl, so I loved looking out for the street art and artists.
Check out some of my favourites in the grid below. The guy playing football up the lamp post was especially impressive, and so was the guy cutting hair on the street. I was tempted to ask if he could cut Afro hair, but I changed my mind.

Paris is a beautiful city, although we did nearly get pick-pocketed on the Metro.
Aside from that it was lovely.
I couldn't help but notice that quite a lot of black women were rocking their natural hair. I found this really positive to see and it makes me wonder how far across the continent the the growing influence of women 'going natural' is spreading. 
I recently found out about a natural hair event that will be taking place in Paris this October - In The Hair Show. Although I won't be able to go, I'm excited to see that Fusion Of Cultures (Laila-Jean) & Woman In The Jungle (Wunmi), are going to be special guests. 
If another opportunity to attend a French hair event comes up I'd definitely like to go. Who knows what wonderful things could happen as we strengthen our connections across the diaspora.
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