Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Updates - Video Recap - CFYH Makeover

To all you beautiful people reading this, it's been almost a month since my last post, so thank you for even remembering this blog exists!
My real life work situation kinda took over for a bit as my schedule jumped from part-time employment, to juggling 2 jobs 7days/week. It's surprising how hard it is to find the time to blog when you don't have a day off, and in the online world of natural hair products, events, issues etc, everything moves so quickly.
However, I haven't been completely off the radar. I've been to a few places, met a few people, seen a few things. For a quick visual update you should head over to Instagram and follow me @CrystalAfro.
I've also been in a few hair-related videos, so this week while I'm playing catch up, I'll be sharing them with you, starting with my Bridal Makeover...
This video was filmed at the beginning of Spring this year, when the lovely Pelumi of Care For Your Hair, invited me to take part in a collaboration makeover video. 
Check out the tutorial below to see how the final look was achieved. Quite a transformation, if I do say so myself!

Co-Ordinator/Host - Pelumi Rae
Make Up Artist - Giselle
Hair Stylist - Tolu
Model - Me! Crystal Afro
I was completely bowled over by the end result. I had no idea I could look so friggin' fantastic. I can't lie I felt so fly on the journey home. When I finally made it home I took a whole bunch of pictures and tried to film a quick youtube video (but failed) before I eventually had to take it off and go to bed - sadtimes! Thank goodness for the video. At least I can try and recreate some of the look.
Thank you so much to all the ladies involved. 

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