Thursday, 15 May 2014


I've never had much success with banana clips and the last time ended especially badly....
So, as someone who constantly lost the battle with banana clips, I was really excited to hear about the Puff Cuff. The Puff Cuff is a hair accessory created by Ceata E. Lash, specifically for 'thick, coily, textured hair', much like Ceata's (and my) own.

Up until recently, it had been absolutely ages since I'd worn my hair in a puff. As highlighted in the promo video there can be a number of reasons why trying to create the perfect puff is sometimes a bit more frustrating than it looks. My biggest problem was getting the right sized headbands. But, a few weekends ago I finally had a chance to try the Puff Cuff that had been sent to me, and I was quickly won over. 

Unlike banana clips, the cuff is a circular shaped clamp, with wide gaps between the short teeth. This design makes it much better for securing voluminous Afro hair. 

Like a lot of ladies I find that an old twistout is usually makes a great puff so I decided to use mine on stretched hair.
I loved how easy it was to use, and in fact, the puff became my 'Go To' hairstyle for the next fortnight as a result. It was so quick and convenient. I just pulled my hair into one, separate the clamp arms and place the base at the bottom of my hair, push the teeth in a little, then bring the arms back together to secure it in place. The cuff is made of durable plastic so I always felt secure once the clamp was fastened.
Some times I still had a little more volume at the front than I wanted, but nothing major, plus I like to wear an additional band/accessory at the front of my hair, so it was fine. I also like the fact that the cuff makes it easier to play around with the position of the puff without worrying that it might slip out of place like headbands often do. I like wear mine slightly raised to create a little height with all that volume.
I was surprised at the number or women who asked me about the cuff, it seems that quite a few people want to try it. I was fortunate enough to be sent mine for free, however they are only available to purchase on Amazon for $11.99, but I'm not sure exactly what that is in pounds sterling.
At the moment they're one size but according apparently smaller sizes will soon be available.
Personally, I think this accessory is brilliant and waaay overdue for us ladies with Afro and curly hair. 

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