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Tuesday, 4 March 2014


In my recent post I shared some tips that make managing my natural hair easier >here<, and I mentioned my 'go-to' style - you know that style you can always 'go to' when all else fails, or you're running late. Mine is a simple 'roll tuck and pin' style, that I've been asked about plenty of times and have been meaning to share a tutorial for, so here goes...
I posted a tutorial for this style on Youtube when I was new to vlogging, but I've been meaning to film a clearer updated version. Until then here's a written step by step. I hope it helps...

My 'Go-To' Twirl, Step by Step
1.) Work on moisturised hair, preferably detangled.

2.) Section off some hair at the front.

3.) You can decide what to do with the front section. I usually flat-twist it or do a canerow, or sometimes I just pin it loosely to the side.

4.) & 5.) Use a large elasticated headband. Place it on and roll it back slightly, as if you were going to create a puff.

6.) Sweep your hair forwards over the band (top, bottom and sides). Start by grabbing a section at the top and begin twirling it over the front of the band. Use the band as a guide/frame and continue following it around as you twirl.

7.) Use bobby pins to secure the roll at intervals as you go around.

8.) & 9.) Depending on how long your hair is, you may have some hair left by the time you get back to the top. I twirl up whatever is still out and pin it down slightly in front of where I originally began, and I'm done.

Professional, Protective & Suits Shorter Lengths
This style is not only my go-to because it's neat and easy, but because it keeps my ends tucked away, so it's worked as a brilliant protective style, and I think it's really helped my hair growth over the years. It's also possible to recreate this style on short/medium hair too, as I have done in the past, on a friend. It just takes a few more bobby pins to secure it.
If you want to make it really neat you can brush you edges before putting on your headband, or alternatively, once you've finished the style, you can wrap a headscarf around for about 10mins (or more) to set the hair.

Let me know if you give it a try, or even send me a picture. I'd love to know your thoughts.