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Monday, 17 March 2014


Last night was wash night and I kinda hit a rut.
Considering how many different products I've tried you'd think I'd have a long list of products to suit any occasion, that I could reel off at the drop of a hat.
Well, last night I was desperately searching my product stash for a silicone-free deep conditioner, only to discover that I don't have one! Or at least not a full sized one.
Shock horror!
It turns out that I have a couple of silicone-free instant rinse out conditioners, but with the exception of half a bar of rhassoul clay, the only deep conditioners I currently own all contain silicones, and I'm not convinced they're water-soluble silicones either.

In brief, silicones are a common ingredient in beauty products for example: Dimethicone, and they're great for providing that slippery, silky soft feeling on your hair. However, according to most sources I've read, if they're not water soluble they can just be creating a false illusion of soft healthy hair.
Once deposited onto the hair they can actually block moisture from getting beyond them to the hair strand. This means that although the hair may temporarily look and feel nice its actually dry, weak and unhealthy, and probably deteriorating from lack of moisture.
The topic of silicones definitely needs a blog post of it's own, so I'll come back with one soon.

I really wasn't in the mood for mixing anything up last night, and you might've seen me take to Instagram in my frustration, asking for suggestions of silicone-free conditioners. The best suggestion I had came from the ladies at @HairTheBeat_ on Twitter, who shared this link with me: Curl2Kinky List of Silicone Free Conditioners, which has a long list of silicone-free, instant and deep conditioners. 
The good news is it helped trigger my memory of silicone-free deep conditioners that I have tried and liked in the past. The bad news is I still didn't have any of them to hand, so it's officially time for me to reinvest.
The starred products are ones that I've tried tested and loved, while the non-starred have come highly recommended by other naturals.

If you can recommend any other silicone-free deep conditioners, I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment below.