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Monday, 20 January 2014


Last week I returned to Zara Hair & Cosmetics, and was confronted with yet another American Brand on their already impressive shelves. This time  it's CAMILLE ROSE products that have finally arrived.
I originally came to buy a tub of Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream, which I did, but they also offered me a free bottle of Camille Rose Caramel CoWash to review, which I gladly accepted.
If you read previous posts >here<, you'll know that I recommend checking out Zara, just for the sheer variety of brands available. It's a tiny store, but when you walk through to the back it becomes a cave of wonders for natural hair products.
It's almost like discovering gold, because there are so many exciting brands - Kinky Curly, Bee Mine, Entwine, Shea Moisture, Giovanni, trust me the list goes on - but they are certainly not cheap. If money were no object, I have to admit I would probably go a bit wild in Zara, but if you've read my post on Products and Prices >here<, you'll no how I feel about the situation. 
Having said that, they're currently have a "10% Off" sale on certain products at the moment. 

My favourite discovery of the day had to be the selection of Shea Butter Cottage products sitting pretty on the selves.
It's one thing to finally have the American brands, but personally, I'm 10x as excited to see a homegrown British brand, available to buy on site. (Plus, the SBC products where a lot more affordable.)

I have to say, compared to most regular black hair and beauty shops, the service I receive at Zara is by far the best. I don't feel under suspicion, nor do I feel like someone is forcefully trying to sell me crap. Actually, I've had some lengthy and good conversations with the staff, which is not the way it goes down in most other stores. Also I tweeted them first to check whether they even had the Curling Cream, and they got back to me within 60 seconds, if that!
You can find Zara on Walworth Rd in Camberwell/ Elephant & Castle, not far from East Street Market. 
I hope this post helps those of you who messaged me on Instagram and are shopping for natural hair products in London. Also, thank you to all the subscribers who suggested I check it out. Without you guys, I wouldn't have known about it.
I'm glad that shopping for natural hair product in London is getting better, and as long as we keep sharing our experiences and what we know, I think it'll continue to improve. You can check out my other shopping posts >here<.
Where do you buy your hair products from?