Sunday, 12 January 2014


Do you ever make New Years resolutions and then look back 12 month later, like "ah well!"? Or is that just me? Well this year I can look back and say, 1 out of a few, ain't bad!
Last year I promised myself I would make an effort to wear lipstick. It's not the most life changing decision I've ever made but hey, it's the little things that count, right!? 
Anyway, I stuck to it when ever I remembered and I can finally say I'm on the road to overcoming my lipstick-phobia.
I spent most of the year in my simple, safe, 'go to' colour:
MAC - Hang-Up
It's been ages since I bought this and ages since I shopped in MAC so I can't remember how much it cost.
Then I decided to be daring and try going a little brighter, so I picked up a cheapie by 2True in Superdrug, which I now love:
2True Colour Drench 5 (£1.99)
And just before the year was out, I picked up this little beauty, as recommended by a friend:
Sleek - Mystic
£4.99 from Superdrug
If you've never tried a matte lipstick before, which I hadn't, I'd recommend trying something new (since it's the new year and all that.) And this colour in particular is a total mood lifter in the grey days of January.
Colour vs Moisture
I was worried about it making my lips dry but actually, even though it feels a bit like a wax pastel, it somehow keeps my lips feeling smoother for longer, and the colour lasts longer (way longer) than any other lipstick I'm used to.
I can't believe I've gone from lipstick-phobic to being in lurve with such a bold colour, but somehow even though it's bolder than any other colour I've worn, I actually really like it for everyday wear. I think the matte somehow balances it out. I definitely notice more stares when I'm out, and I've had a couple of compliments too, which is reassuring.
I'm still not the most confident lipstick wearer but I'm bolder than I was.
What do you think? What other colours do you recommend I try out?

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