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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

2013 was an amazing year for me, and as much as I experienced some major ups and downs, it was a vast improvement on 2012, so I'm grateful. 
2014 is now here which means a couple of things:
- 1stly - I'm just weeks away from my 3rd year natural!!!
- 2ndly - I have a few new plans for The United KinKdom blog.
I'd just like to say a MEGA THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed and supported the blog over the last couple years and a bit. It means so much to me especially as I've formed some great friendships and learned so much, as a result. Thank you all & GOD Bless!

End Of Year Hair
My end of year hair didn't look as I'd planned. I was trying to recreate a style I'd worn back in the Summer of 2013 >here< but I messed up by making my twists too small. None the less, it didn't stop me from having a brilliant night out. I didn't get many pictures of the finished look, but what I do have I've shared below. 
Although I was standing outside in the rain on Brick Lane, queuing to get into the club when the countdown started; I still had a brilliant night. How did you see in 2014?

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