Monday, 13 January 2014


Back in 2012 I wrote >this post< about a movie called Belle, that was apparently scheduled to be released last Spring. The film is about a Mixed-race lady, raised as an aristocrat in 18th Century England, and is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle.
When I didn't hear any more about it, I figured maybe it wasn't to be, but I recently came across the poster and trailer on the Darker Than Brown blog. I don't know when/if it will be released in the UK but I'll be keeping an eye out for it.
There seem to be a lot more movies starring Black Actors and Actresses, in the cinemas at the moment. Personally I'm pretty pleased about it, especially as these films aren't simply being marginalised as "black films" although they often focus on racial injustice throughout history.  I'm also pleased about the increasing amount of British talent, achieving success on the silver screen. There have been quite a few article written about the fact that many Black British Actors lack the recognition they deserve from here at home, but manage to achieve great success by taking a trip across the Atlantic. It's a great loss for us here in the UK, but whether the powers that be will do anything about it remains to be seen.

I'm not a major movie-goer, but the current number of films addressing important parts of history have tempted me back into the cinema. I really liked The Butler, and I'm also keen to see Mandela, and of course 12 Years A Slave by British Director Steve McQueen; all of which feature Black Bristish Artists in leading roles. 

Last night 12 Years A Slave won a Golden Globe award for Best Film (Drama), and leading lady Lupita Nyong'o (the epitome of beauty imo) looked absolutely gorgeous (as usual) in bold red, and short cropped hair with a side parting. I really hope she and many of the other Black Actors & Directors are recognised at the award ceremonies this year.
What do you think of some of the films that are out?

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