Saturday, 18 January 2014


Hopefully I'll get a chance to go into a bit more detail throughout next week, but for now there are just a few things I wanted share, in case you're out and about this weekend....
Camille Rose products are now available in the UK! 
If you follow me on Instagram (@CrystalAfro) you'll have seen me share the pics earlier this week. They're available in Zara Hair & Cosmetics, which is currently my favourite place to go for hair products when I feel like a treat. I've posted about the shop on Walworth Road, before >here< as they stock loads of brands that are hard to get hold of in the UK. They're also giving a 10% on certain ranges, including Shea Moisture.

The girls and I are featured in the current issue of Black Beauty & Hair Magazine!
Check out the interviews with myself, Fusion Of Cultures, Care For Your Hair, and Love Your Tresses, in the current issue, out now!

Bargain Buy!
I've gone from super sceptical to surprisingly impressed with this product, as of this week!
Profectiv: Mega Growth Daily Leave-In Strengthener - £3.49
Other than occasionally running my hair under the tap before coating it with the Mega Growth and covering it for bed, I've barely done anything with my hair for about 2weeks; so I was really surprised when I some how had a less breakage than usual.
I'll definitely be returning to this one, for a product review.

Enjoy your weekend, and let me know if you check out any of the above.

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