Monday, 2 December 2013


A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to start getting a Winter hair care routine going.
It just so happens that this is also a perfect excuse to go shopping and satisfy my inner product junkie. I already had a clear idea of what I wanted and managed to tick-off everything on the list.
I often get asked where to buy natural hair products in London, so I've included some info about what I bought and where I bought it from. I hope it helps. You can watch the video or just check out the boards below.


What, Where From, & How Much?

I love JBCO for a number of reasons: It's the best thing ever for sealing my ends and reducing breakage, it makes my hair really soft and shiny, and it keeps my scalp in great condition. I've tried a  regular castor oil before but the results weren't as good as the Jamaican Black.
Rosemary essential oil is said to stimulate circulation and help promote hair growth, and during last year's KCCM Castor Oil Challenge >here<, I was pretty pleased at how my hair responded when I added a few drops to my JBCO before applying it at night.
I forgot to mention the Cling film in the vid, but I bought it as an alternative to regular conditioning caps. It's just a little money saver, as a roll of film lasts a lot longer than single use caps. 
I'm always curious about Shea Moisture products, so I picked up a couple of cute samples. I want to try these before I go spending £15 on the full-sized products. Personally I think the price of Shea Moisture in the UK is a bit steep.
Giovanni Smooth As Silk range is one of my favourites. The shampoo has a lot of slip, which helps minimize the tangles on wash day, and so does the the conditioner which is also one of my favourite deep conditioners. Although they're only travel-size, I know the shampoo will last me for 4-6 weeks, because a little goes a long way. However I'll be buying a full-size bottle of the conditioner asap.
Butterfly clamps are the unsung heroes of my haircare routine. They help me handle my hair in sections which actually makes washing and styling a lot quicker and less complicated.
Where do you buy your hair products from?


  1. Omg Shea Moisture samples! I want to try Shea a Moisture too but I've been put off by the prices. Did they have samples of any other products?

    1. Yea they do. I'll post u the link to the blog post with more deets as soon as I get home. X

  2. YESSS!!! You always have to stock up on the trust Jamaican Black Caster Oil
    Love the post

    Belle Michelle

  3. I've heard good things about Giovanni but I've not tried it yet. Shea Moisture is my new go to product but I use the one with baobab for thin hair. Sabina is my store of choice, so I'll try the shea moisture deep conditioner next.

    1. I'm hearing more and more about the baobab Shea Moisture stuff. I'm gona have to search for it. Thanks Maria x


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