Sunday, 15 December 2013


Is it just me who thinks that this is too much to pay for a 1oz sample?
Giovanni Smooth As Silk Extreme Protein Infusion 1oz (30ml)
£3.59 in Whole Foods (Picadilly Circus)
It's a shame it was so pricey, because I'm a big fan of Giovanni products and I would've definitely bought one, had it cost a little less or been at least twice the size.

Initially I wasn't sure about paying £1.99 for my Shea Moisture samples for 2 reasons. Firstly, you only get 1 ounce (30ml), which I wasn't sure would be enough to do a whole head of hair. Secondly, other brands give samples out for free so what's the sense in paying?
In the end as you've seen, I caved in to my consumer cravings, and I'm pleased to say that one sachet of the SM Deep Treatment was able to coat at least 3/4 of my hair so having two sachets was surprisingly enough. (I'm deep conditioning as I type, so by the end of this I'll know whether to consider spending the £15 on a full size tub).
In my previous post about Seasonal Product Shopping, I'd picked up quite a few sample or travel size products, which are sometimes a great money saver but other times I wonder if it's worth it.
It's lead me to think about the price of products generally, especially those new brands aimed at women with natural hair. I'm really glad that we finally have so much more choice here in the UK, but personally I think a lot of the latest products are over priced.What do you think?

Personally the average price I like to spend on a product varies depending on what it does, how good it is, how often it should be used, and how much I'm getting (it's size). I prefer products priced under £10; I'm resentful about but occasionally tempted by products costing between £10 - £15, but any anything above £15 gets a side-eye and is often passed left alone. As for products priced above £20, I think that's just comedy. It all gets rinsed out eventually.

I know companies charge more when they contain better quality ingredients, and of course there's the cost of products being imported to the UK, but sometimes I just don't think it adds up. If any companies would care to comment please feel free.
Just a couple of things I observed that you might want to consider when you next going hair shopping.
  • Full sized Giovanni products are cheaper in pretty much ANY shop other than Whole Foods. Holland & Barratt, Zara Cosmetics (Walworth Road), and random independent health stores all seem to sell it for under £9.
  • Sample sized shampoos are a great money saver and well worth it as you don't need to use too much. My Giovanni SOS (60ml) has lasted me for over a month.
  • I spotted full size Shea Moisture products for £12.85 in a hair shop called Shaba (Dalston Junction).
  • 1oz (30ml) Product samples can be just enough for your hair depending on the product's consistency and how much hair you have.

Lemme know your thoughts on the price of products. Am I practical or just cheap? Lol  


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