Saturday, 16 November 2013


Deep Conditioning with Anita Grant Banana Heart Rhassoul Mud

After my week of blowdried hair, I was more than ready to bring the curls back. I think it'd actually been just over a week so I needed a really good deep condition.
To my own annoyance, I am that person who waits so long for the right time to use certain products that sometimes I never actually get around to it. It's usually the products that's I'm most excited about, because I don't want to waste them by using them in a rush, and I nearly made the same mistake with Anita Grant's Banana Heart Rhassoul Mud Deep Condish.
I was so excited about buying my very first Anita Grant product for £6.95, from the Naturally Nourishing stall at the Curlvolution event, earlier this year. The conditioner comes in a block and looks like a chocolate from a selection box. I was expecting it to smell like chocolate or banana but I couldn't smell much of anything.
Despite the instructions that came with it, I've never been great in the kitchen, so I think I messed up by not adding enough liquid to the mix. The leaflet suggests adding water or coconut milk. I added a small can (165ml) of coconut milk, which I heated up first, as well as a little bit of water. I completely underestimated how the mixture would thicken up into a milkshake-like consistency.
I think if I'd left it to cool down a bit more, it would have been less runny and easier to apply. As it stands, the mixture did thicken up, and was no where near as runny as I'd expected, but the application was still a messy and awkward experience, that I found pretty frustrating, as you can hear in my video. However, one very important thing that took the edge off of my frustration, was how effective it was at detangling my hair. That was more than a pleasant surprise. I covered my hair with plastic for the deep conditioning, and left it for about an hour, but I didnt apply any heat.
When it came to rinsing out the mix....OH MY WORD!
I could not believe how fantastic my hair felt. My curls were back with a bang! It's been ages since my coils have felt so defined and strong yet soft. It was one of those moments where I kicked myself for not using this sooner.
Amazing, amazing, amazing! I was so impressed with the results. As you'll see in the video, I couldn't stop inspecting my hair, because I was not expecting such a great outcome from such an awkward experience.
I am 100% definitely going to do this again, but hopefully I'll do it better next time. I definitely made enough mistakes to learn from. If you have any tips please share them with me in the comments box below; it'd be great to know your routines and ratios for using rhassoul.


  1. this made me re read my experience with the product. Mine smelled like cake batter! Sad yours didn't but I can't remember ratios or anything. I don't think I used the whole can of coconut milk and I had 90g (3 30g cubes) vs the heart one which i believe is 60g.

    Now I want the huge block for Christmas.


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