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Friday, 8 November 2013


Sometime around the middle of October I decided to trim my hair in it's naturally curly state, for the first time ever. I usually blow-dry it straight before trimming, so I wasn't sure if the result was ok.
Trimming my hair while watching Scandal - Im a late comer.
Last week I decided to blow-dry it out and take a look at the ends, and the general aftermath of my curly cutting. In my humble, untrained opinion it looked the same as when I've trimmed my hair straight, so I might use the same technique again.
It's important to use a protectant when applying heat to hair, to reduce the stress and damage caused to the strands. I used Blended Beauty Straightening Glaze.
(This is an old bottle so I think they've changed the design.) 
The Strengthening Glaze was just what I wanted. It's silicone-free and contains proteins to help strengthen hair.
It left my hair feeling soft and not at all dried out or greasy. I was surprised and impressed at how long the blowout eventually lasted.
I openly admit that I'm not great with using heat on my natural hair, and I don't actually enjoy my hair in any kind of straightened state any more. I just don't know what to do with it. I'm so much more accustomed to my coils now, that I find my straightened hair harder to work with.
One of the main problems I've always had is not knowing how to moisturise my hair without causing it to revert.
After a few days my hair was getting thirsty and desperate, so I decided to try a leave-in conditioner that I'd randomly picked up at TK Maxx in the Summer.
Creation's Garden Leave-In Conditioner
I've never heard of the brand before, but when I saw it I was impressed that it was a natural/organic leave-in and only cost about £4.99. 
I ended up using a little of this as a daily moisturiser, every other day while my hair was blowdried, and it was brilliant. It kept my hair hydrated without causing it to revert for most of the week, despite being water-based; and it also contains a number of proteins.

I was really surprised at how effective both the products were for what I wanted; and I'm even more pleased that next time I blowdry my hair I'll know what products to use.
Do you ever blow-dry your hair? What products do you use?