Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Just a quick post that I meant to share earlier. 
I could be late to discover this but, Curlformers are available in the UK!
I had no idea until last month when I went shopping with my mum in the Streatham Hill branch of Sally's. They come in different sizes so you can create wide or narrow curls, and cost £8.95 per pack.
It doesn't look like you get much more than about 8 in a pack which is a shame as that wouldn't be anywhere near enough for my hair. However I'm still tempted as I've seen so many Youtubers using Curlformers to create gorgeous styles on natural hair, that I really want to try them for myself.
Check out the vid below by +Jouelzy B for an example.
Did you know Curlformers were available in UK shops?
If you've tried them what did you think?


  1. They're also in Topshop Oxford Street I think. I'm sure I saw them there a few weeks ago. I haven't tried them but I've read they're really time consuming and fiddly but they seem like a great idea x

    1. Wow, that's fantastic if they are! I'll definitely keep an eye out. Thank u so much for sharing. x

  2. There's a UK version of the official site, so you can order them from there (including the bigger packs).
    Or check on eBay :)


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