Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Sunday 3rd November saw the last day of the Origins Of The Afro Comb exhibition.
I knew the day would come, but I must admit I was pretty sad when it did. I went up for the final day and I was pleased to see just how busy it was, although I felt sorry for the late comers.
On my way back home I posted a picture to my Instagram, with a caption that was a bit longer than I planned. Essentially, I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to support Origins Of The Afro Comb, and really recognise the importance of such an exhibition's place in history. Personally I think some things are best said when they come straight from the heart, so I thought I'd share my caption here too....
Im so honoured, blessed, and grateful to have been a part of making history, to have helped share the amazingness of my heritage, to have worked with history makers, and to have left something for the future generations of young people like me. MAJOR THANK YOU to everyone who took the time and made the effort to support it. And a special SHOUT OUT to all my #teamnatural ladies who came with me -This exhibition was for you, ur children & ur children's children, in recognition & celebration of ur parents, ur parent's parents & those b4 them. I hope u felt it as much as I did. I loved every minute and hopefully this is just the beginning. As for tonight, it's time for me to go home sweet home! Bye bye for now #Cambridge!"
There's so much more I can and probably will share about it, but for now thank you again!
Just before I leave:
There where 3 responses to the exhibition that stuck out most (to me at least).
  • Firstly, a sense of enjoyment and pride 
  • Secondly, a feeling of frustration that this hadn't been done before and that more people didn't know about it. 
  • And finally, and probably more than any other response, was an overwhelming inability to understand why this exhibition wasn't in London.
If you think we should try and do something about the later, please leave a comment below, as it really is your voices that make a difference.
Do you think the exhibition should come to London?

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