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Knots and tangles are my main hurdle on hair wash day, but there are two main methods I use to keep them to a minimum:

Pre-poo hair.
If you dont know what a "Pre-poo" is check out >this post< which includes a simple recipe I use.
Use a good conditioner!
My favourite conditioners are the ones that not only restore moisture to my hair and leave it feeling soft, but the ones that provide a lot of slip and therefore make detangling an easy process.

"Slip" basically means how "slippery" a product (in this case conditioner) is.
It's an important quality because more slip means less friction between hair strands. It allows them to slide past each other easily which minimises tangles, while hair that is knotted slips apart with ease.

I also prefer conditioners that are not too expensive. Purely because having coily hair means I get through a lot of conditioner so I prefer  the ones that aren't too expensive to re-purchase regularly. All the conditioners listed below are available in shops or online for under £10.

At the moment my favourite 3 conditioners for great slip are:
3. Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture
I love this conditioner because unlike the other the other two, I know I can use it as a deep conditioner too. I think the formula has improved over the last few year because it seems to have much better slip than I first remember.
You can find it in Whole Foods, Zara (the hair shop on Walworth rd), and some Holland & Barratts.

2. Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner
 This is a lovely rinse out conditioner. It smells really Summery and and as soon as I apply it, my fingers slide through my hair with ease. I was especially impressed because the texture is deceptively runny, but somehow my strands just submit to it's will.
You can find it online at, or in some of the black hair shops in Brixton.

 1. And of course, my number one favourite...
Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth Conditioner
This one is brilliant for a number of reasons: Firstly, it's easily available on the high street and it's on special offer quite regularly. Plus, as well as having excellent slip, the Vibrantly Smooth is one of the most affective rinse out conditioners I've tried. If I dont have time to use a deep conditioner then this is an excellent short term alternative, as my hair still feels well conditioned after I've rinsed it out. It's also my favourite product for co-washing my hair, as the bottle is pretty big so I dont have to worry about rinsing and repeating. Also considering it's the cheapest and largest conditioner of the three, it's excellent value for money.
Whats conditioner do you recommend for great slip?

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