Thursday, 31 October 2013


Ok, so 'recipe' is a bit of an overstatement.
Maybe mixture is more accurate.
Either way I wanted to share it with you as this is what I use to pre-poo my hair.

What is a Pre-poo?
I cant lie, the term "Pre-poo" unsettles me, even though it's simply an abbreviation for "Pre-Shampoo". As the name suggests, a pre-poo is a treatment that is applied to hair prior to shampooing.

Why bother Pre-pooing?
This is the main reason I Pre-poo. The mixture really helps separate tangles with minimal effort. This is great as it reduces the amount of breakage and overall hair loss, and most importantly amount of time it takes to wash my hair.

Some people like to pre-poo to give their hair a moisture boost and protect their hair from that stripped feeling after shampooing.
The hair undergoes a lot of manipulation and stress on wash day. A Pre-poo can help prepare the hair and make it more able to withstand the wash day routine.

I'm not saying pre-pooing is essential, and I dont do it all the time, but when I do I definitely notice the difference.

How to Pre-poo:
(By this point I'm so over this word. Anyway...)
You can use, conditioners, or carrier oils, or both.
My mix consists of:
- 2 parts Tresemme Naturals Vibrantly Smooth conditioner
- 1 part Olive Oil.

Step 1 - Separate my hair into about 4 - 8 sections. 
Step 2 - Spritz  each section with water & coat each section with pre-poo.
Step 3 - Gently detangle each section as you apply the pre-poo.
Step 4 - Cover hair with plastic/ conditioning cap for at least 10 - 15 minutes before washing out.

Because its such an inexpensive recipe, I can be as liberal as I want. I dont like to have too much olive oil, as that makes it too runny, but if I dont have enough I dont get as much slip as I like for detangling. With just the right amount it doesn't matter what state my hair is in, this mixture puts my hair and my mind at ease.
I'd recommend either finger detangling or using a widetooth comb as you go along. I have been known to fall asleep after pre-pooing and leave the treatment in for a number of hours. It's not something I'd recommend but it's definitely something I do (quite often).
Another great thing about this mix is that it doesnt have a horrible or overpowering smell.

Alternatives you could try are:
- Any cheap conditioner with good slip
- A different carrier oil such as Coconut Oil


  1. I've never done a pre-poo with conditioner in it. I usually just coat my hair in coconut oil leave for 20 mins - 3 hrs depending on how my day goes then shampoo. I like the result but gotta try this one, as I usually de-tangle after conditioning.


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