Monday, 7 October 2013


A "No Fuss" 3 minute headscarf.
This is what I do whenever I dont have time to style my hair.
On this occassion I got as far as washing, conditioning and even moisturing, but there was no where near enough time for me to begin styling my hair, without being late.
Underneath the scarf my hair is in about 10 chunky twists that are covered in leave-in conditioner and still damp from being freshly washed.
I prefer to detangle and twist my hair while its still wet/damp. This prevents it from getting knotted and tangled when it's dry and makes it much easier to manage. I also cover my hair with a silk scarf of satin bonnet first so it's not rubbing against the cotton one.
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Any excuse to play with my camera again for another vid, so here's a my headscarf tutorial.
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