Monday, 21 October 2013


Well, this is new!
My track record with make-up and skin care has never been good, and up until I went "natural" I was never too bothered about either. As time has gone on I've slowly become a little more interested but until recently I never really dared to experiment too much, as make-up mistakes are quite unforgiving. Plus I'm not a fan of excessive transformations that go beyond the point of recognition. It probably goes without saying that I prefer a more natural look.
This weekend, I tried copying my very first make-up tutorial and I was pretty pleased with the results. The tutorial I watched (below) was a smokey eye tutorial by +gliter702 on Youtube.
I've never known how to blend eyeshadow, and all previous attempts at smokey eyes have always turned messy. This was my most successful make-up experiment to date, hence I had to share it with you.
I didn't have all the equipment but I made do with some dark colours I had in my draw. They're pretty old so I don't know the brand or the shade of any of them except the purple eye dust by Sleek: 681 Fantasy Eye Dust.
My finished look wasn't excessively smokey or dramatic but it was just what I wanted, and for a first timer I was pretty darn proud.
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  1. Hey Hot Mama!

    Look at you venturing into new things.. next time I wanna see the eye look on you up close!

    1. Thank you honey! I cant wait to look into your eyes boo! I've missed ya! xxxx


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