Monday, 28 October 2013


Continuing on from my previous post >here<, here are 3 more simple styles for new naturals...
1. The Bun
The classic bun is the perfect "go-to" if your hair is long enough to pull back into one. Once you've done so, you can use a doughnut to create the perfect circle. If your hair isn't long enough to cover a doughnut, you can simply tuck your ends under and pin them down. The collage above is by +Closet Confections showing loads of different ways to wear a bun.
Tip: If your hair isn't long enough to pull into one, try sectioning off the front. Pull the rest into a bun and then style the front separately (twists/plait/roll) and pin it back. 

2. Twistout
This is a great way of wearing your hair loose. All you have to do is undo your twists.
Twistouts are actually very easy, but when I first tried them I still struggled. There are a couple of tips that might help you avoid my frustrations. Firstly, try using a styling/ holding product. I highly recommend Eco Styler Gel or BeUnique Mango Twist.
Secondly, make sure your twists are 100% dry before you undo them. I usually wear my hair in twists for a day or two before I undo them for a twistout, to make sure my hair is dry.

3. Wash & Go
This was a whole new concept to me when I went natural; prior to then I thought wash n go's were only for white people.
The process of a wash n go basically involves applying a styling product with good hold and great  curl defining ability, to your hair straight after you've washed it. 3 well recommended products include Eco Styler Gel, Kinky Curly Curling Custard, and Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream.
It's a great way of showing off your natural coils and curl pattern. As your hair dries, it will shrink up, so you will loose length. Also, some people like to add leave-in conditioners or oils first, to reduce the crunchy feeling that some holding products have.
 Check out how I achieved my wash and go style >here<
I think I'll probably do a 3rd and final post for this series of simple styles for newly naturals. What were your "go-to" styles when you first went natural?

 Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any images used in the unlabelled collages pictured above.

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