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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I was recently sent a range of products to try by Noire Essence.
The first thing that struck me about these products was the chic branding. I really like it.
The Shampoo and Conditioner
Both smell a bit like Giovanni Smooth As Silk. They have a pleasant citrus smell.
The shampoo is definitely one to be reckoned with. It felt like quite a strong sulphate-free shampoo, and definitely cleaned my embarrassingly dirty, product covered hair, really well.
The conditioner felt a bit thin and runny, which I wasn't to keen on. Also there were no instructions for how long to leave it on for. I ended up leaving it on under a plastic cap, for about 3hrs (I got distracted.) My hair did feel nice and soft after I rinsed it out.
The Daily Lotion and Scalp oil
The scalp oil is nice and light and I was really glad that it doesn't have a strong scent.
The daily lotion smells lovely and sweet. It's quite a tropical smell. I like the texture of the lotion, which is not to thick or runny. It also absorbs very well, although I dont know if I'd say it was a great detangler, but this is just a very first impression.
I'll be back with more info on these products soon. 

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  1. Your twist look so neat and shiny too! Can't wait to here your full thoughts on the range.


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