Saturday, 21 September 2013


I love looking out for representations of natural hair in art, and yesterday afternoon I met up with a friend before work for a wonderful 'Culture Date', where we visited 3 different exhibitions along the riverside. The common theme of the exhibitions was African Artists, and before the day was out I came across a couple of pieces I wanted to share with you.

My favourite pieces below, were by Titus Agbara at the AACDD exhibition.
AACDD (African & African Caribbean Design Diaspora) is a free exhibition that runs once a year at The Bargehouse, Southbank.
(Check out my very first visit back in 2011 >here<)

 AACDD - The Bargehouse, Southbank (Sept 18th-23rd)
The other exhibitions were both at The Tate Modern. They didn't have much hair on display, but they were still interesting, especially Meschac Gaba's Museum Of Contemporary African Art, which was very interactive. 
Unfortunately the exhibitions finish after this weekend, so if you're free I'd recommend checking them out over the next couple of days, and if you can get onto the restaurant balcony of The Tate, the view of London is fantastic.
Ibrahim El-Salahi - A Visionary Modernist
Meschac Gaba - Museum of Contemporary African Art

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