Saturday, 31 August 2013

HAIR FOR THE CLUB - Style Trial on Stretched Hair

This  pinned-updo was a bit of an experiment with an old twist out.
I've tried to create this look a couple of times but I'm not sure if I've quite mastered it yet. The girls on YouTube make it look so easy.

I like styles that are a little messy, especially for partying, they give me a certain freedom.
Perfection can be so restricting to a girl like me, lol.

My hair was already stretched, but I knew that it wouldn't stay exactly that way once I got inside the club (what can I say, I know that club, I know the music, and I know me! #ItsAVibe) So I needed a style that would still look ok, and possibly look even better when the moisture hit it, giving it some extra volume and tight coils.
I was pleased with the result, even though I'm not sure exactly how I achieved it.
I began by swooping my hair up and forward and then pinning it with bobby pins. I got a bit paranoid that the pins wouldn't be secure enough so I also placed hair slides at either side, and one at the back. I guess I should try it again soon if I wana get it perfect.
Do you have any tips for creating the perfect pinned-updo?


  1. Where did you get that dress from?

  2. Here looks great but have to comment on the dress! Is adordble! And fits you really

    Now back to hair, I usually brush my hair to the side I want it, then use sliding clips to keep it in place, then I being to roll and pin the hair. That keeps the hair in place and neat but what I have not mastered is creating volume, yet.

  3. Hair and Dress = HOT TO TROT!!


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