Saturday, 10 August 2013


Thanks to you wonderful subbies, who recommended a shop called Zara Hair & Beauty Cosmetics in Walworth Road, I decided to head down there and treat myself to some Kinky Curly Knot Today.

I got talking with the staff there about the great range of products they had, including Bee Mine, Giovanni, Curls, Design Essentials, Jane Carter...It's really pretty impressive for such a small shop. But then they dropped the bomb when they told me they were planning to get Entwine Couture products in. 
I went back in this week to check, and sure enough there they were!

I'd already blown this week's hair budget on my KCKT, so I couldn't indulge my inner product junkie just yet. As with most of the top US imports, the products are pretty pricey, starting at £15.99, but I do like the look of the Audition Collezioni, which is a selection of the sample size products for about £25.

I've been wanting to try Entwine products since watching Chary Jay's and Ms Vaughn's  hair tutorials on YouTube, where they often use the Entwine Couture range.
Let me know if you decide to try Entwine. I plan to give them a try real soon.



  1. I would love to try the products out but Walworth Road is the other side of London for me. I may have to wait until a paks features them or wait when I'm next in South. Great review Thanks

    1. Hi Benita! Zara Hair is online too! You can purchase at

    2. Thanks for that info! Don't have to brave tube with baby on back and goodies from shop :0)

  2. Wait, they have Bee Mine products, too?! I'm about to be SO broke!

  3. Good to know. Also always wanted to know where to get Curly Kinky Not Today.

  4. Wow so wonderful to know! Been watching them on Facebook for some time now, will have to check this out when I visit London.

  5. I went there yesterday and spent nearly half an hour talking with one of the staff. I forget his name (I'm horrible that way) but he had some serious knowledge and I learned quite a bit! I didn't pick up the Entwine just yet, but I d@mn sure got the KCKT, a Crown Pride moisturizer he recommended AND the number of a natural hair stylist in the area! So glad I work in that area because I think I found my new spot....thanks as always for your reviews!

  6. is the shop Black owned? since everybody talks people being knowledgeable ( I would love if it was the case).


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