Friday, 26 July 2013


Happy Friday beautiful people!
Just a quick one to share my other method of hair protection in summer.
As I've said before, I love to wear my hair loose in the sunshine, but sometimes it's all about keeping it wrapped up. On this particular occasion I wore my headscarf to cover my re-twisted hair for the day, until I was ready to take it out for my friend's birthday party that night.
I decided to combine my headscarf (Primark) with my bright pink mini-dress (American Apparel), silver ear cuff (Rya-V) and a bit more make-up than usual (i.e a splash of lipstick).
Who says you have to be reserved to rock a head wrap? Lol
Enjoy the sunshine guys!

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Pr**k Don't Kill My Vibe!

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  1. you look stunning as always luv ur ear bling too.


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