Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DRAB TO FAB!! - Managing My Natural Hair for My Best Twist Out So Far

A few weeks ago I posted photos of what has probably been my most successful Twistout yet, on Instagram. I had a few people ask how I achieved it and luckily enough I'd filmed the process.
I actually only filmed the video to dispel the myth about natural hair being unmanageable, and talk about the fact that natural hair is only unmanageable if it's not managed correctly, (and I think the same is true of any other type of hair).
The flat twists I did prior to the twistout, were similar to those in my 'Mid-night Twistout' >here< except this time I set the ends on perm rods.
I think I might try this more often as my ends feel safer when they're curled under, and it's always good to have a simple protective style to go to when needed.
As you can see in the video I was pretty pleased with my results.

Products used:
Shea Butter Cottage - Monoi De Tahiti Oil
Jane Cater Solution - Curl Defining Cream



  1. It's really nice, looking good. How did you get it to stretch out, as mine is always curled up after using perm rods and I have to start using my hands to stretch it.

    1. Thanks @Shayshay. To be honest, I don't really know how it stretched. I only did exactly what you see me do in the video.

  2. I looks great! Did you cut your hair in a style or shape it in anyway? Looks like a cute bob :0)

    1. Thanks @MsXpat. Nah, I didn't cut my hair, but I was pretty pleased that it creates that neatly cut illusion. Lol. I trimmed my hair (pretty drastically) a few months ago, but I dont ever try to trim it evenly or in a style. In fact, I didn't even mean to cut off as much as I did. Lol


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