Monday, 24 June 2013

Essential Oils: Lavender and Tea Tree

It's been a while since I've done a DIY hair recipe but last week I decided to try one, (more on that soon). Unfortunately I hadn't realised just how low my stash of Essential Oils was. I was pretty much limited to Tea Tree and  Lavender. I actually wanted Rosemary as my hair responded  really well when I added it to my Castor Oil (read here).
Anyhoo, I did a bit of research on both. Check out the pics below where I've highlighted some of their key properties. I decided to settle for a few drops of lavender oil, famous for its soothing scent, and perfect for a mellow midnight mixtress, like myself. 

I'll be shopping for some new Essential Oils soon.
What are your favourite Essential Oils for your hair?

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  1. I love lavender and can really do with anything that will help my bald patches grow, lol. How do you use your lavender essential oil?


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