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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Curlvolution 2013 - Mini Gallery & My Thoughts

Of all the events last weekend, Curlvolution was my favourite (closely followed by the Brit Beauty Mixer, but more on that later.)
Now in it's second year, Curlvolution 2013 was definitely bigger and better.

I'm so proud to have been a part of it's beginnings, when the audience, the special guests, and the vendors, were all in one room. This time the audience looked double the size, spreading all the way to the back of the room and vendors had expanded to fill the entire the foyer.

As well as a Q&A with TV stars from Holby City Holby, there were also special appearances from celebrity Stylists Charlotte Mensah and Darren Scott.

Curlvolution has attracted a lot of interest from American brands including Design Essentials, Beautiful Textures and ORS, who all gave special demos.

My personal highlights were partnering with @NeffyFroFro to interview Special Guest superstar blogger Afrobella; as well as meeting the beautiful women who read my blog. I can't verbalise just how inspiring it was to start the day by meeting one of my inspirations, and to end the day hearing from people who've been inspired by my own blog. It's hard to explain but it means a lot to me so thanks!

I really am excited by the growth of Curlvolution, as it continues to be such an inspirational event. 
It felt like there were a lot of returnees to Curlvolution who have made a lot of progress since last year. It was so good to be around living proof of what amazing things can be achieved by individuals, within a year.
I filmed this video when I got in while everything was fresh in my head, to give you and idea of how much I enjoyed myself.
Check out the mini photo gallery below, or follow the link to see all the pics in my facebook photo album >here<.
Were you at Curlvolution? What did you think of the day?