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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013 - In my opinion

My second day at AHBLive 2013 was better than my 1st day there. For a start I arrived earlier and my hair wasn't a total mess, as it had been the day before. I did collect a few freebies, which is always nice, and as usual I enjoyed bumping into familiar faces and gathering hairspiration from the creative styles worn by other attendees.

Unfortunately, AHB still left much to be desired. To be blunt, AHB 2013 felt to me like a scaled down version of the same old same.

For a start I was underwhelmed by the selection of vendors and personally felt like I was at a PAKs expo, as opposed to Europe's largest Afro Hair & Beauty show.
I was pretty disappointed that last year's innovative Natural Quarter (which I felt had a lot of potential) was barely in existence this year.
Also, although I was very grateful to ORS for the free blogger tickets I recieved, the Blogger Lounge they'd described in the accompanying press release didn't live up to it's impressive description. 

I dont think I would have been so disappointed if it weren't for the fact that AHB (and ORS for that matter) are long established organisations with more than significant revenues, and teams of people working for them; which leaves me wondering why they aren't doing a lot more.
 Had I known the selection of vendors at AHB was going to be as it was, I would have stocked up on the products I'd wanted to purchase at Curlvolution >here<, the day before. Consequently the only thing I bought at AHB were earrings from the Rya-v stand.
There were a few hair stands that looked quite interesting including the Design Essentials Salon area at the back, Activilong from France, and the Mixed Roots stand, downstairs.
Anyhoo, check out the mini gallery below or click the link to see all my photos from the day, over on the facebook page >here<.

 What did you think of the Afro Hair and Beauty Show this year?