Monday, 17 June 2013

A Bit About My Bank Holiday Hair

After my horrific hair fail the day previous, I managed to come up with a protective style I was pretty pleased with.
It took about 10mins to do and basically involves 3 flat twists from the left side of my head over towards the right, then a few single 2 strands twists swooped and pinned across. Then I just made a chunky plait down one side, and plaited the hair along the back as best I could, before pinning the ends under.
I filmed a 2 minute vid about it, to help me remember how I did it. Unfortunately the only pictures I have of the style are the photos I took on the day, so you cant really see the detail.
This is one of the clearest pics I have, which is pretty cool as it's with Black Hair Magazine's beautiful Editor, Keysha Davies.
I'm planning to try out this style again, so if you want me to try and make a tutorial, let me know.

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  1. Yes please! It's super cute. I'm like you I love to have my fro out, but sometimes Id wanna see what I'd look like a with simple but cute tucked-away style!


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