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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A "SMOULDERING FIRE!" Part 1 - Hair Modelling for Design Essentials

Last Monday I was one the Hair models for the Design Essentials Chic To Chic show at the Camden Centre in King's Cross. My hair was done by Head Stylist/ Presenter Kimberly Kelly, who came all the way from Memphis to style the models and present the event.
I was a bit worried about what Kimberly had planned, but she was so lovely and asked me what I wanted, and what I would or wouldn't mind having done. I wanted her to have fun and be creative with my hair so I said I was happy with pretty much anything as long as she did not straighten it! 
She then asked me to describe my personality in one word. My answer was "Indecisive" which, apparently, wasn't very helpful. Instead Kimberly decided I was more of a "Smoldering fire" and proceeded with a plan of action for my hair. 
The next day as she revealed my hair to the audience, she explained that she'd labelled me as a "Smouldering Fire" because I seem to start off shy but there's a more flamboyant side that comes out.
So "Smouldering Fire" was the inspiration for the style. Hahahaa
I love LOVE loved my style and it was great to see finished result of the other hair styles too.
Tola & Folu of My Long Hair Journey Blog, played around with some temporary straightening treatments before going back to natural and even doing a last minute straw set.
I did learn a few little tricks that are likely to come in useful when styling such as using the DE Twist & Set on top of the Curl Defining Cream; also when removing straws/ curlers, roll them off in the same direction as you rolled them on. I decided to take note, because sometimes its the little things that make all the difference to success of a style.
Below are a few more of the other natural styles...
I loved my "Smouldering Fire" style so much that after the show I actually took pictures of myself in the street!! (Who does that?!) What can I say, it was a beautiful day and I was feeling myself! Lol
Check Part 2 of this post (coming this week) for more details about the event and how Kimberly created my style.