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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Hair Tutorial: Swooping Braid & Bun


I'd been wanting to try and create one of these hair tutorial grids for a while, so I figured my recent Bank Holiday hair >here< would be a good one to share.
It's a Swooping Braid and Bun. (I think some people call it a goddess braid.)
What d'you think?

I began by moisturising and detangling my hair.
(I used KeraCare Natural Textures Leave-In Conditioner)

I made a side parting at the front left-side of my hair, before separating 2/3rds of my hair over to the right with a hair band, and plaiting the final section of hair down the left-side of my head

I began plaiting the front/ right section of my hair, starting with a small amount as close to the parting as possible.

To create the "Swoop" I pulled the plait forward and pulled more hair into it as I went along.

I continued as far around as I could, but I struggle to plait the back of my hair so I took it about half way.

I pulled both plaits and the remaining loose hair into a side ponytail.

I plaited the ponytail

...And pinned the end away.

All done

I like to pull out a small curl on the opposite side of the swoop, but that's optional.
I usually keep this style for about 3 days by wearing a headscarf at night.