Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dont Get Left Behind! - Getting Ready To Kiss Goodbye To Google Reader

Getting Ready To Kiss Goodbye To Google Reader Don't Get Left Behind!

Thanks to some of my fellow bloggers, I was recently informed that Google are planning to do away with Google Reader. Although I forget to check-in as often these days, I was still disappointed as it is a useful feature for those of us who like to stay updated with our favourite blogs.
But, thanks to my fellow bloggers (yet again) all is not lost and there are a number of other ways to follow your favourite blogs, including this one of course! :-)
If you're like me and find navigating through this new world of technology a bit like a game of 'Blind Man's Buff' don't be afraid. So far it hasn't seemed too complicated at all.
I decided to sign up to Bloglovin' (Thanks to my girl @cinnirox), and it pretty much transferred all the blogs I had listed in my Google Reader, over to Bloglovin'.
I know in many ways I'm a bit late as practically every other blog/blogger is already signed up, but hey, I'm here now, so come join me and share the love.
To add UNITED KinKdom to your Bloglovin' list, just click the link below (and in exchange I'll love you forever!)...
>>> Follow my blog with Bloglovin <<<

Thanks for the Bloglovin'

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