Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Blow Out & A Drastic (but necessary) Trim

As with the previous post, my Instagram Fam will already know the deal, but following my CoWash & Go >here<, I decided to blow-dry my hair to straighten it out a bit so I could give it a trim.

Blow Out & Drastic Trim
My wash & go made me realise how desperately the ends of my hair needed trimming. I had a horrible combination of split ends and single strand knots, that were making the ends of my hair feel rough, and were creating unnecessary tangles.

I washed my hair and used a light protein treatment, to prepare it for blow-drying. After applying a leave-in conditioner, I left my hair in twists to dry out a bit overnight.
The next morning I used Mixed Chicks Hair Silk as a heat protectant. 

I dont really enjoy blow drying my hair for various reasons:
  • I'm not very good at it
  • I dont like using heat directly on my hair because of the potential heat damage
  • I have no patience (and often dont have the time) to blow-dry on a cool setting 

But I do prefer to trim my hair when it's blow-dried straight as opposed to when it's curly, because the damaged sections are much more obvious to the touch.

I watched the BeUnique video >here< on trimming natural hair, and it reminded me how good it feels when I'm able to run my fingers all the way through my hair. With that thought in my head, I was ready to start snipping.

I think I'd been avoiding trimming my hair because I was afraid to get rid of the length I'd gained during the Castor Oil Challenge >here<.
It probably would've been better if I had trimmed sooner as I wouldn't have had to take off so much. Unfortunately, it had been quite a while so I decided it was necessary to make a few drastic cuts, as opposed to snips.

Whenever I trim my hair I like to protect the freshly exposed ends straight away by putting my hair into a protective style, so I put it in twists using a sample of Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream, I had laying around. 

Check in tomorrow for more deets on my protective style.


  1. I love your hair so much! So thick and healthy.

    1. Thank you so much xx I really did cut off quite a bit. I'm a little nervous. Lolol xx

  2. I too have been putting of a trim for some time but you have inspired. I now have an appointment for a trim very soon.

    1. Good stuff! Keep me filled in. I dont know what it's like to let someone else trim my natural hair. xx

  3. Your hair is growing so beautifully - keep up the great work. You are an inspiration :)

  4. I think I'm pretty rubbish at blowdrying my own hair too lol. I know how you feel about the trim but as long as your ends are happy that's all that matters :)


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