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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Playing With Perm Rods (& hidden truths on IG)

(and hidden truths on IG)

It's not too difficult to look confident on Instagram, even when ur feeling anything but. I said on >Facebook< that I intended to play around with perm rods on my hair last weekend and I did, and the results were pretty good. Despite the success of my hair play, I was feeling irredeemably and inexplicably ugly at the start of the weekend, so I decided to hide behind the camera phone for my HOTD shots; in fact I've yet to post them on Instagram...but I will.

The other thing that's easy to hide on IG, is dirty hair.
2 weeks is the longest I've gone without washing my hair in a while, and I made the huge mistake of using gel to set my already product-laden, dirty-as-heck hair, on perm rods. A mistake I don't intend to repeat.

I separated the curls but not too much because I quickly realised that the separation process was exposing my dirty hair.
(Dont judge me! Lol)

Perm Rod Pointers
A few things I learned from this style trial...
Hair will shrink-
This is actually quite fun for those with longer hair who want to play with a shorter look.

End papers minimise frizz and damage to the ends

Try fatter rods for longer looser curls

Its difficult to set the roller tightly at the roots

The are 2 locking options on the rods depending on how securely you want to lock the rod.