Monday, 11 March 2013

Completing The #KCCM Castor Oil Challenge


I've officially finished the KCCM Winter 2012 Castor Oil Challenge.
12 weeks of applying castor oil to my scalp at least 3 nights per week, and to the tips at least once per week. When I last checked-in >here< I was full of enthusiasm and thoroughly dedicated, and I'd even added some rosemary oil which I think lived up to all the theories I've read about it stimulating growth.

However, at some point in February I ran out of my Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO), and kinda fell off track. I tried a couple of substitutes including Pukka Organic Castor Oil, from Holland & Barretts (£9.99), and a sample of Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food, I'd been sent. My hair definitely responded best to the JBCO. The texture seemed to be best for both absorbing into the hair and sealing the ends.

Unfortunately I ran out of rosemary oil sometime before finishing the challenge but I really think it helped my growth. I also think that sealing the ends has helped to cut down on my spilt ends and single strand knots. As a result, the improved condition of my ends has helped me retain more length than I expected. In addition, I've noticed that my edges have improved despite not being my main focus of the challenge.

I'm so glad I finally took part in a Castor Oil Challenge. I definitely noticed a significant boost in softness and shine as well as the length retention. However, since completing the challenge, I haven't taken as much care of my hair as I should be doing, and I'm a tiny bit scared that if I don't get back into some kind of routine quickly I might destroy all of my progress.
I won't be taking part in the KCCM Spring 2013 Challenge but I'm now officially a fan of JBCO for my hair so I will be incorporating it into my general hair care practices from now on.
 Thanks to Janell (@BlakIzBeautyful) of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe blog for hosting the challenge. It was really encouraging to be a part of.
Have you tried using Castor Oil? Were you please with the results?


  1. Nice! What were the rules of this challenge?

  2. when i was newly natural i used just regular castor oii as a pre-poo treatment. my hair felt lovely after my was., must give this type a try


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