Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Black Hair Magazine Feature


Ok, so although I'm a Blogger and I love posting pics and putting my thoughts out there for the world to read, I somehow got all shy when I opened up this month's copy of Black Hair Magazine.

I was really bowled over at being asked to give an interview for the Fashion 9-5 section.
Head over to pages 134-135 to catch a glimpse of me at work.
Sometimes you don't think of the work you're doing as an achievement to be celebrated, so the feature made me feel quite special.
I'd like to say a MAJOR THANK YOU to Black Hair Magazine for giving me the opportunity to make my family proud, and get back into my little sister's "cool" book.

There's also an interview with Curly Nikki where she gives a shout out to my girl Laila (@NeffyFroFro) aka Fusion Of Cultures (G'on girl!!).
There's something about being in the same issue as Curly Nikki that has me really excited.
I'd also like to thank Black Hair Mag  for the opportunity to declare my love for Eddie Redmayne in print (Pg9) Hahaa!
I'm sure he'll up a copy, right? Anyway, make sure you do!

Rochelle 'Crystal Afro' Brooks-Ford


  1. I really enjoyed reading it this weekend. No doubt your job must have its challenges but OH SO COOL!

  2. congrats on the feature

  3. Wow congrats!
    so so jealous

  4. Congrats on the feature! Bought the mag when it came out and looked you up! xxx


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