Monday, 25 February 2013

Product Review: Mixed Chicks


You might remember me receiving the Mixed Chicks Products at the UK product launch >here<. I used the full line of products for most of January and I have to admit it was a pretty mixed experience.

Mixed Chicks Shampoo 
Price: £9.95

The original Mixed Chicks shampoo contains a couple of sulphates and was definitely too harsh for my hair. It smelled really nice but unfortunately my hair felt really dry afterwards. By the 3rd week of using the products I decided to try a sachet of the Mixed Chicks sulphate-free shampoo instead. If the sulphate-free formula has a scent, it's very very faint, but again my hair still felt a bit too dry afterwards. I guess the cleansing formula just isn't for me. 

Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner
Price: £10.95

I got on better with the deep conditioner than the shampoo. My hair did feel nice and soft afterwards. In fact it felt like the strands had a gloss coating. If you're not to bothered about silicones, and you want your hair to feel glossy, I'd suggest trying this as it only contains one silicone (Amodimethicone).
I'm undecided whether I like the glossy feel or not, I think it may feel slightly too artificial for my personal preference and there was something about the smell that I didn't enjoy either, but it was a lovely consistency and made detangling pretty easy. 

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner
Price: £15.95

This was the definitely the stand out product and I can completely see why it's the best seller from the range.
I loved the consistency, very runny but thick enough to feel significant; and the smell was nice, not too herbal or sweet, and most importantly it left my hair soft. My hair is very thick so it did sink in pretty quickly and by the second week I realised that I would need to follow up with an oil to seal in the moisture, but as leave-in's go I can completely understand why a lot of people really like this product. It went on to my hair really easily again, made the detangling process easier. One of my favourite things about this product is that I've been able to squeeze out loads of this product and I still have a good amount left. The only downside is that it also contains Amodimethicone, and quite a few parabens.

I'm really glad I finally got a chance to try these products and although they're not particularly for me, Im glad my curiosity has been satisfied. My favourite product and the only one I would consider purchasing is the Leave-In Conditioner. Although I'm trying to cut down on products containing silicones and parabens, I'm not anti either of them. However I dont usually expect to pay so much for products that contain those ingredients. None the less, I did like it as a leave-in conditioner and has seemed to last me for a very long time. 


  1. Glad you got round to testing them - the leave in conditioner was a star product for me too.

  2. The Leave In I love. I need to buy it come summer.. gave me an awesome wash n go.
    That would be my only reason to buy it.

  3. The prices seemed to have dropped a bit on the product. I get great results with all the products but due to the cost I don't stock it regularly. Clearly because the leave-in-conditioner is popluar they are not dropping the price on that, lol. So I'll certainly have to stretch all the products I have at the moment.

    1. Yea, the price of the leave-in is a bit off-putting considering it's not completely organic, but it does do a good job. xx

  4. Thanks for doing this review- have seen these products and always wondered how they worked xx


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