Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Make-Up Makeover and Hair Shops in Manchester


At the beginning of February I went up to Manchester to take part in a photo-shoot for Cynthia Butare of Kickin' It With The Kinks . The makeover was for the first episode of Make-Up Glow & Glam, a new series by Cynthia focusing on make-up for black women. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results of the project.
My facial transformation was undertaken by professional make-up artist Kada Faida. I don't know exactly what he did, but I loved the end result. 

 Prior to arriving, my hair had been in a twisted updo/ protective style, similar to the previous week >here<, so once my face was done, it was just a matter of taking down my twists and playing around with hair pins.

Rachel, the gorgeous lady with me in the above photo is also the face on the current Kickin' It With The Kinks flyer. I cant wait to see the finished results which you should be able to check out by April 15th 2013. Given the chance, I would definitely take part again.
It just so happens that a few of my work friends are touring the UK and happened to be in Manchester at the time, which worked out perfectly as my make-up was already on point (better than I could've done it) when I left to meet the girls for drinks in Cloud 23 - The Hilton Sky Bar. The bar is on the 23rd floor of The Hilton, and the view was gorgeous!

The next day I ventured down to the infamous Arndale Shopping Centre, and managed to find a tiny (and I mean tiny) section of it, dedicated to black hair products, weaves etc in the indoor market area.

It struck me that Black hair shops always seem to be found in or around markets. I may have to develop this observation in future blog post.
I spoke to a couple of people and they told me that other larger black hair shops could be found on Oldham road, but as I was only in town for 2 days I only had enough time to catch up with a couple more friends before jumping on the coach back to London. 


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