Monday, 14 January 2013

Bobbi Brown Make-Up Master Class for Black Hair Magazine


Just before the end of 2012 I was invited to attend a Bobbi Brown Make-Up Master Class, courtesy of Black Hair Magazine. I posted a couple of pics on Instagram but I've been holding out on the blog post until everything was officially in print. Now Black Hair Magazine's first issue of 2013 is officially out I can fill you in on my experience.
Make sure you pick up the current copy of Black Hair Magazine when you get a chance.

My Artist was the lovely Sotiris who was really friendly and even indulged my attempts to impress him with my less than basic skills in his native language of Greek.
I consider my make-up skills to be almost as bad as my Greek, so I really appreciated the opportunity to learn some basics.
The most important things I learned were:

Pay attention under my eyes:
Sotiris used "Dark Bisque" Corrector and "Honey" Concealer applied with brushes to get rid of the darkness and the puffiness. 
Consider investing in a Foundation Stick for my combination skin:
After trying on a powder base foundation, we noticed that my skin responded well in some areas but not so well in others, and quickly realised that I have combination skin. The foundation stick was great for even coverage.
(shade: Warm Honey 5.5)
Bronzer is the missing piece of my make-up puzzle:
I've taken countless photos wearing foundation that looks fine until it comes under the scrutiny of a bright light, like a camera flash (#Embarrassing). It turns out that by brushing on a bit of bronzer in the right place, I can successfully avoid what I call the "Franz Fanon" look (Black Skin White Masks). Sotiris matched a shade called "Bali Brown" Bronzer to my skin.
The Master Class was focused on foundation, but they do others such as eye make-up, etc. I loved my final look and would go back again to try one of the other classes.
I really enjoyed the  day as well as the opportunity to to meet the two other lovely ladies - Wiza and Tahirah, who also had their make-up done.

A HUGE thank you to Black Hair Magazine for a wonderful time!

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