Friday, 25 January 2013

2nd Year Natural Today!!


Well #teamnatural, I'm still here and pleased to be so. I thank GOD for blessing me with the hair I have and again for finally opening my eyes to realise it's beauty. Every milestone reached is so significant to me, be it 2 years or 2 days, largely because when I first went natural my mum didn't think it would last more than 2 weeks, and secondly because the first 3 weeks were probably the hardest.
I knew all the reasons why I felt so strongly that I had to go natural >here<, and I still believe in them just as strongly, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy. You can tell from some of my earliest posts that I was confused as heck and struggling. In >one post< I even admit that I was "looking at black girls with relaxed hair with envy, and I know that’s wrong but I feel ugly." (Click here to read the full post). And, what I considered to be my first successful twistout, looked like this...
Click Here to check out the blog post for my 1st twist out
Tough Times
There were times in those first few weeks with my natural hair when I was reduced to tears, but I dont regret them; I learned a lot about myself as result of difficult times. They forced me to confront a lot of my own thoughts, feelings and fears, including fear of what other people thought of me, what I thought of myself, and where any of those thoughts had even come from in the first place. If you've ever felt ugly and unacceptable without your weave then you'll know where I'm coming from. Those were issues that I didn't intend, to or even want to address too deeply, but my tears and frustration kind of forced me to. After all, what's the point in dealing with pain if you don't learn anything from it?
Sticking With It
One of the main things I've learned while flicking through my pictures & posts from 2 years ago, is that by sticking at something I can probably achieve a lot more than I ever knew. People always say "Don't give up!" but somehow it means more to me now that I have my own evidence of what I can achieve (in fact I'm re-inspired to start learning Spanish again, and even practice some other creative skills).
I can definitely understand the old proverb "The end of a matter is better than its beginning; and patience is better than pride" (Ecclesiastes 7:8) so I'm gona keep going and apply the same faith to anything else I believe in.
Still Learning
So 2 years on and I've come a long way, and yet I'm still learning and loving it.
At some point this year, I'd really like to conquer the Bantu Knot Out, figure out my hair's moisture/protein balance; and if I'm going to prove to myself that healthy hair practices can make a difference then I really need to get serious about more than just styling, and start focusing on reducing breakage. Watch me now!
Thank YOU!
I really really REALLY am grateful to everyone who's connected with me, via the blog and social networks. Sharing experiences with you all has been beyond helpful. Thank YOU so much!!!! I wish I had enough money/company sponsorship to send presents to you all, but until that happens (we live in hope), please know that I am truely grateful for every bit of support from everyone. I will be doing a give away very soon that I'd really like you to enter, just so I have the chance to try and say thank you to YOU.
I'll leave you with a few throwback photos from the last couple years:



  1. Congrats your hair looks beautiful

  2. Congratulations Crystal. You've been an inspiration to me. Thank you. Xxxxxxxxx

    1. Aawww thank you Sharon, for all of your support, I really appreciate it! xoxox

  3. congrats sis!! you look amazing!!!!!

  4. Hi Krystal, I've nominated you for an award @

    1. OH WOW!! I thank you so much, I'll head over to check it out now. Thank you so much! xoxoxx

  5. Congratulations! Your blog is awesome, your hair is amazing, and your story is really inspirational. Thanks for putting it all out there!!!

    <3 Mojo

  6. What a lovely post!!! Congrats on reaching two years and love your tiara! -)


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