Monday, 7 January 2013

2013: A Reading Resolution


I know most people have already started or even given up on their new year resolutions by now, but a late resolve is better than none at all right?

When it comes to my hair I'm constantly trying to practice the usual stuff, like more protective styling, detangle from the tip not the root, and drink more water; consequently I no longer count them as valid resolutions for my new year.
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Instead I've decide to try and do something I pretty much gave up on last year, and that is reading the 3 books above. I've had them in my collection for quite a while but every time I open them I realise I'm gona need longer than I thought to really sit down and concentrate on the information on each page.
The first one I plan to begin this month is The Curly Girl Handbook.
I've heard so much about the Curly Girl Method (CGM) of looking after natural hair, that I cant wait to try it. I'm hoping to begin trialling the CGM this Spring, probably when finish the Castor Oil Challenge >here< which ends in March.
I'm quite excited about it.
What are your new hair resolutions for 2013?


  1. Looks great, will try to get myself a copy of curly girl book, totally forgot about the castor oil challenge :0(

    1. To be fair, you did have a baby!!!! Lolol xxx

  2. Looks good, but have enough reading as it is!
    Mine is drink more water and stick to my hair routine.

    1. I hope you found the post that followed this one helpful xx

  3. Please do a review of these books once you've finished them :)


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