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Saturday, 1 December 2012

I'm Taking The Castor Oil Challenge by @BlakIzBeautyful!

source: KinkyCurlyCoilyMe.com

Pinch, Punch 1st day of the month!
It's also the last month of the year, and in a few weeks most people start to think about resolutions for the future, but I've decided to make mine a bit early.
I've decided to take part in The Winter 2012 Castor Oil Challenge, being lead by Jenell (@BlakIzBeautyful on Twitter) founder of Kinky Curly Coily Me! blog >here<
Jenell Stewart aka @BlakIzBeautyful
The Challenge begins today and finishes on March 1st 2013, and my resolution is to stick to this challenge until then.
I'm always hearing how good castor oil is for hair so I'm curious to find out more whilst I try it for myself. As part of the rules I'll have to apply castor oil to my hair/ scalp at least 3 time per week and check in with weekly feedback.
I'll be using my Tropical Isle Living:
Jamaican Black Castor Oil from

If you register to take part before Dec 7th, you can still join in.
I guess now I've told you guys Im gona do it, Im under that bit more pressure to stay disciplined and do this, so wish me luck guys, and I'll check in with updates every now and then.
Find out more about the Challenge
Here goes!


  1. Yes girl, I'll be joining you on this too. Will be good to see the progress we make.


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